1 Robert’s Coffee

The local Robert’s Coffee chain has its oldest café in the Old Market Hall. The café serves its customers breakfast, lunch and evening tapas. Enjoy our fresh product selection focused on Finnish ingredients, while surrounded by the scent of cinnamon buns and gourmet coffee.

At breakfast we offer croissants baked on the premises, invigorating smoothies, freshly squeezed juices and fruit salad. On weekdays you can choose between, for example, a French breakfast and a Finnish breakfast – a cup of black coffee with a free top-up. Our lunchtime menu includes fresh salads, warm light lunches and hearty sandwiches prepared on the premises, as well as our unforgettable classics: cured salmon or whitefish on sliced bread.


2 Konditoria Matti ja Mari

Konditoria Matti ja Mari specialises in yeast-free, handmade rye bread and white bread, including barn-dried rye loaves and full-grain wheat tin loaves from Järvi-Suomen Herkku. The Leibomo Limbu bakery from Lahti delivers high quality white bread every day, such as 100 % spelt and walnut bread and scones. Chocolate bread is baked to order.
Our other suppliers include Leipomoliike K.E. Avikainen, Halme ja Haaga and Uudenmaan Leipä from Klaukkala (the famous Ellen Svinhufvud cake is available for 6, 12, 18 and 24 people. For preorders, please allow 3 working days to prepare cakes for 12–24 people). We have a wide selection of other cakes from Uudenmaan Leipä, too, as well as additive-free, handmade Karelian pies.

A recent addition to our selection is tar bread from Pekka Heikkinen’s bakery in Kajaani. We also sell Lappish flatbread, meat pasties, sausage rolls, potato tartlets and other sweet cakes.


  • 050 572 2084
  • Birgitta Kujala
  • Open Mon-Sat 10am–6pm

3 El Mercado Espanjalainen kauppa


4 Vegetaari

It’s healthy, says Kaarina! In the Market Hall you will also find a vegetarian shop where the owner Kaarina is happy to share her raw food expertise. Vegetaari sells salads, souring agents, organic products and fresh drinks, wheat germ and other shoots and sprouts as well as gluten-free products. Other tasty veggie treats include wheat germ and carrot juice and seasonal raw food products.


  • Kaarina Petäjä
  • 0400 850 911
  • Open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm

5 Soppakeittiö

The popular Soppakeittiö soup restaurant can now be found in all the three market halls of Helsinki. We welcome you to enjoy our delicious soups in the Old Market Hall.


6 Deli Deli

DeliDeli specialises in high quality food products such as oils, vinegars, preserves, ducks legs, coffees, chocolates and biscuits..

DeliDeli is a family business established in 2001.
In DeliDeli you can find quality and easy to use gourmet products. There are around 600  products in our shop at the moment and for each one our knowledgeable staff can give you useful tips for preparing easy and delicious meals.  The products come from France, England, Italy, Spain and Belgium.
Merchants: Laura Valvanne and Gregory Sufa
Laura has studied international business, financial management and book keeping and is also a qualified chef.
Gregory concentrates on logistics, technical exetution as well as advertising and marketing.
Both travel often in Europe to meet up with manufacturers and producers to choose the best quality products for their customers from the vast range on offer in Europe. The job is challenging but working with good food is satisfying and has been a hobby for both of them since an early age.


  • Open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm.
  • 045 2517151
  • info@delideli.fi

7 Tmi Kesäkämppä


  • virpilahtinen@hotmail.com
  • 044 3300168
  • Open Mon-Fri 10am-6pm / Sat 10am-5pm

8 Alko

The world’s smallest and friendliest Alko sells fine wines and other alcoholic beverages. Open Mon–Sat from 9am to 6pm.


9 Juustokauppa Tuula Paalanen

A service-oriented cheese specialist that sells something for everyone, whether it’s for everyday enjoyment or for a celebration, for eating alone or at a party with 200 guests. Besides cheese, the selection includes dairy products like milk, cream and butter, as well as other products and complements needed in cooking.


10 Pajuniemi

The success story of Pajuniemi started at Pekka Pajuniemi’s smoke sauna, where mouth-wateringly delicious hams were slowly roasted in the soft heat from alder logs. Ethically sound practices, traceability of all raw materials and uncompromised quality remain the cornerstones of our recipes to this day.
At the Market Hall we’re proud to serve authentic locally produced food, for example, Tamminen’s prime beef and organic beef. We also offer Pajuniemi’s fresh organic pork and the superb, traditional and highly esteemed Pajuniemi smoked hams, frankfurters, sausages and other cured meats, with plenty of organic options available.
At the Market Hall we will also launch a completely new product concept from Pajuniemi: Pajuniemi Street Food, which includes quick and tasty warm snacks to take away, many of them organic.


  • Open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm.

11 Annan villiliha

Annan Villiliha butcher shop’s varied selection consists of high quality, locally produced meat delicacies. We specialise in game and fowl, as well as Finnish beef, mutton, lamb, reindeer and pig. Our offering also includes Finnish organic meat from small producers.
In addition to fresh meat we have a wide selection of high quality cured meats, from classic recipes from decades ago to modern delicacies from near and far. If Anna does not stock it, we will hunt it down for you!
A breath of fresh air in the traditional butcher trade, Annan Villiliha represents a new generation of entrepreneurs in the Old Market Hall. “As a merchant, it is important to me that my customers are happy, from my shop all the way to their dinner table,” Anna says.


  • Open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm.

12 Story

Located in the central gallery of Helsinki’s Old Market Hall, Story is a Nordic café and restaurant with a warm atmosphere and excellent service.


  • kauppahalli@restaurantstory.fi
  • Open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm.

13 Mari`s Smoothie

From Mari’s Smoothie & Cafe you find gluten free bakeries, delicious smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. Also a nice variety of finnish berry and herb products available.


  • Open Mon-Sat 9am-6pm.
  • 045 847 0607

14 Scandinavia Cafe

Scandinavia Cafe is a traditional café, which also serves a variety of alcoholic drinks. Our product range includes timeless classics from the local Eromanga bakery, such as meat pasties and “munkkipossu” doughnuts. We also offer fresh salads, filled baguettes and morning porridge, all served with a friendly smile and a twinkle in the eye.


  • 040 503 8681 / (09) 660 046
  • scandinaviacafe@gmail.com
  • Open Mon-Sat 8am–6pm

15 Blondie Bakes

Blondie Bakes: No fancy ingredients. Just good ol’ American homestyle baking! Made on site every day, from scratch!


16 Hanoi Vietnam

Hanoi Vietnam serves authentic Vietnamese food. Our most renowned dish is Vietnamese summer rolls with different fillings. There are also several other delicious and exotic dishes available, such as spring rolls, Vietnamese noodle soup (Pho), vermicelli salad with extras of your choice, and Vietnamese meat baguettes (banh mi thit).


  • 044 719 9099
  • Open Mon-Sat 8am-6pm.

17 Hongiston leipämyymälä

The Hongiston leipämyymälä bread shop was founded at the Old Market Hall in 1903. The shop sells every kind of bakery product from breads to buns, cakes, tarts, pastries, pies and more. The product selection includes only the best products of carefully selected bakeries. You will also find organic bread and gluten-free treats.


18 Vihannes- ja hedelmäkauppa Baran Halit

The product range consists of seasonal vegetables, fruit, mushrooms, berries and fresh herbs as well as pickled cucumbers and other treats.


  • 046 5473723

19 Puolan Herkku

Puolan Herkku offers carefully selected, traditional Polish meat and dairy products, as well as sweets, semi-finished products and canned food and The wide selection varies from pierogis, borscht and kefir to marinated wild mushrooms, famous pickles and sauerkraut. The family business is specialized in cured and air-dried sausages such as kabanos and salami. The delicious Polish products that Puolan Herkku offers are ideally suited to enrich the Finnish food culture. Besides Polish delicacies, the shop also sells famous Polish handmade pottery.


  • info@puolanherkku.fi
  • www.puolanherkku.fi
  • 0407030544
  • Open Mon-Sat 10am-5pm

20 Kalakauppa E. Eriksson

The Kalakauppa E. Eriksson fishmonger sells smoked fish, cured fish, fresh fish and shellfish. Our selection includes fish from both Finland and abroad. The freshness and high quality of all products is our most important criteria. The emphasis is on ethically sound, Finnish and organic produce.
Fish as well as more exotic seafood can be prepared according to customers’ needs. For long-distance transportation, products can be vacuum-packed into ice-filled cooler bags.
Oyster Bar
Kalakauppa E. Eriksson has converted stalls number 54, 52 and 50 into an oyster bar, the sister bar of which was received enthusiastically at the Hietalahti Market Hall. The oyster bar serves mainly oysters cultivated in France. The range of oysters has been selected from the finest types, based on years of experience and customer feedback. The choice of drinks includes champagne, wine, beer, cider and non-alcoholic soft drinks. There will also be a small oven for gratinating the oysters as well as preparing fish and seafood hot pots.
E. Eriksson’s famous and hugely popular fish and seafood sandwiches are another gem on the oyster bar’s menu.
The bar has a variety of takeaway containers to enable customers to enjoy the same great dishes at their office or home, too.


  • Kalakauppias Juha Lindberg
  • 020 763 9333
  • Open Mon-Sat 8am–6pm

21 Stadin herkut

Stadin Herkut abounds with Finnish as well as Mediterranean and Middle Eastern delicacies, such as olives, tapenades, authentic feta cheese, filled peppers, falafels, etc. The vast majority of the products are homemade, and all tapenades and olive marinades are prepared on the premises. The product selection also includes reindeer. Ready made dishes include a variety of Mediterranean meze portions, kebab and falafel portions, homemade Italian lasagne, Greek moussaka, fresh salads, freshly baked baguettes and rolls, filled meat pasties, as well as pizza slices. The baklava pastry is a mouth-watering dessert to take away or enjoy on the spot. You can also pre-order dishes by telephone.


22 Kultasuklaa

Kultasuklaa Oy is a Finnish family-owned company, which has delivered moments of happiness and enjoyment to Finns using Finnish labour since 1990.
The cheerful merchants of Kultasuklaa serve you in the Old Market Hall, where we have had a stall for approximately 20 years.
Our authentic chocolate products are handmade at our factory in Iittala. We only use the very best ingredients and always choose a Finnish option when possible. Berries, for example, arrive at our factory freshly picked from a nearby location. With a combination of courage and creativity, we aim to prove that Finnish artisanship can stay competitive even in our increasingly globalised world.
We have chocolate treats to sweeten both your everyday and your celebrations.


23 Andström

Fish delicacies prepared using traditional methods: warm and cold-smoked as well as cured fish, a variety of roes, and lampreys. We also have honey from our home farm!


  • Myymälä (09) 626 066 / Hanna 050 047 6012
  • hanna.andstrom@gmail.com
  • Open Mon-Thu 10am-6pm, Fri-Sat 8-6pm.

24 Kalaliike Marja Nätti

The Kalaliike Marja Nätti fishmonger has impressed Helsinki residents and travellers with wonderful seafood delicacies since 1974. Marja Nätti’s counter is a real treasure trove for the food lover, tempting customers to sample the more exotic varieties of fish and shellfish. Most of Marja Nätti’s ready-made dishes are prepared on the premises, from the blinis of nationwide fame (made using a traditional recipe) to a range of pies and seafood salads. The fish, roe and other products are sourced from carefully selected partners who must fulfil Marja Nätti’s strict quality requirements.
Petri Nätti represents the third generation in Kalaliike Marja Nätti’s operations. He upholds valuable traditions while also bringing new ideas and products to the shop’s selection. This means Marja Nätti now also sells real caviar cultivated in Finland.
You’re warmly welcome to visit our treasure trove of seafood delicacies!


25 The Seafood Bar Helsinki

Known for its simple fish dishes, The Seafood Bar Helsinki is a great place to grab a plate of fish’n’chips!




  • +358469678732
  • Open Mon to Sat from 9:00 to 18:00